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Quartz is an abundant natural resource and it is the raw material we use to manufacture our range of quartz countertops.

We use up to 90% quartz in our range of quartz countertops are best for use in homes and professional settings. There are many reasons for this statement and some of them are as follows –

  • Quartz countertops are nonporous – In simple words, the surface of our quartz countertops is free from microscopic pores. This aspect allows the surface to remain free from microbial colonies. It is a necessity especially if the surface will be used in sensitive settings like a research laboratory where contamination can spell disaster.

  • Our quartz countertops are durable, especially when compared to other natural stones like marble and granite.

  • Our quartz countertops are easy to maintain. All one would need to do is to mix mild dish soap with water, dip a soft cloth in the solution and use the damp rag to wipe the surface clean.

  • Our quartz countertops are non-porous hence if one spills a drink or any other liquid on the surface, they would not need to worry about stains. A simple wipe with a damp rag should be sufficient to restore the surface to its lost glory in no time.

  • Our quartz countertops can hold on to their structural integrity even when they are subjected to intense sources of heat for a long time. This factor renders our quartz surfaces safe to be used in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants.

  • Our quartz countertops are scratch-resistant. This particular aspect allows quartz countertops to hold on to their luster for decades.

  • Our quartz countertops are easy to install and are suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.

What is the best type of quartz?

The best type of quartz slabs is the ones with more than 3 centimeters in thickness. Thin slabs of quartz need additional support and cannot remain intact for a long time.

The process of manufacturing quartz we follow in our company

We manufacture our quartz products using a mix of quartz aggregate chips, unsaturated polyester, pigments, and additives.

Our range of engineered quartz slabs and countertops comes in a myriad of textures, patterns, and colors. We can offer quartz slabs in both fine and coarse textures and we alter these aspects using variable procedures.

We add glass and related reflective materials in our quartz premix that allow us to create quartz slabs with a sparkling finish. They are known for their durability and non-porous nature.

Our manufacturing process is subjected to stringent quality assurance protocols that ensure consistency and uniformity are maintained in our range of quartz slabs. We also ensure that the dimensions and shade of the products are uniform in a bid to fulfill the unique requirements of our clients.

We make sure that our quality assurance experts maintain high MOH scores to ensure that our range of quartz slabs offers better scratch resistance to our clients especially when the slabs are installed in commercial settings.

Our Quartz Manufacturing procedures are sustainable

Our quartz manufacturing processes are on par with the stringent laws penned by environmental watchdogs in India. It ensures that we are not breaking any environmental laws pertaining to the health and safety of our workforce. We also ensure that our manufacturing activities are not harming the environment in any way. We use up to 42% reclaimed quartz in our manufacturing process which ensures our activities are not putting a strain on the natural resources.

All our quartz products comply with American Greenguard standards. Our quartz products also comply with the National Sanitation Foundation. This renders our range of quartz products fit for use in laboratories, food processing plants, healthcare facilities, etc.

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Quartz countertops are nonporous. In simple words, the surface of our quartz countertops is free from microscopic pores. This aspect allows the surface to remain free from microbial colonies.