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Your home deserves the best fitments. This is why, when you are looking for flooring options for your under-construction or under-renovation home then you should choose marble.


According to the spokesperson of KalingaStone – one of the leading natural and engineered marble manufacturer in India, marble as a flooring option offers the following benefits –

  • Marble is a natural surfacing material that is known for its ability to remain operational for a long time. The durability factor of marble comes from its purity in terms of its composition as it is formed of pure calcium carbonate.

  • Secondly, marble has a unique ability to keep the insides of a home cool during the summer seasons even if it is more than 40 degrees outside. So, if your home is located somewhere where the average temperature never goes below 25 degrees then it is best to use marble as the flooring material. It will keep your home cool and you will not need to keep the HVAC unit of your home in full blast all the time. In this way, you will be able to reduce the annual electricity consumption of your home!

  • With that stated, you need to exercise caution when you are shopping for marble by following the tips mentioned below –

  • It is best to check the quality of the marble floor slabs and at the same time, compare the same with the quality of marble flooring slabs sold by the prominent marble dealers in India or your vicinity.

  • Secondly, before shaking hands with the first marble dealer you lay your eyes on, it is best to compare the retail prices of the marble slabs from at least three to four marble dealers in your vicinity so that you can have a clear idea about the market price of the product. In this way, you will be able to shield yourself from buying overpriced products.

  • Always make sure that you are choosing the best marble company in India as they are the ones who will not only offer commendable installation services but at the same time, they will also ensure that all your queries are addressed with due diligence.

  • To get your hands on the best marble for flooring, always ensure that the marble slabs are free from cracks. Cracks are signs of mishandling marble slabs. Fissures on the other hand are natural defects that do not deteriorate the quality of a marble slab – remember this!


If you are feeling overwhelmed then all you have to do is choose the best marble supplier in India such as Classic Marble Company. For more details about the company and its range of products, get in touch with them via email (info@classicmarble.com) or via a phone call (91-22 41404140).


Marble is a natural surfacing material that is known for its ability to remain operational for a long time.