Making your living spaces even safer


For the first time in India, Microban has partnered exclusively with Kalingastone .

Microban is the world’s leading antimicrobial and odor control ingredient brand. Part of the Microban International family of brands, a leader in antimicrobial solutions, developing technologies for cleaner, fresher, and more durable products across the globe. Integrated at the time of manufacturing, Microban Technology works round the clock for protecting your surface for lifetime!

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Technology Integration


Surface Contamination


Technology at work


A cleaner surface


Cleaner for lifetime

Minimised risk of cross-contamination

Combats 99.9%
bacterial growth

Enhance the quality of the surface and prevent bacterial growth

Eliminate the growth of
bacteria on the surface
at all time, 24/7

Protection lasts for the usable lifetime of Kalingastone Product


Q1. How long does Microban technology last?

Microban technology will remain present and active for the expected lifetime of KalingaStone products.

Q2. Is Microban technology trusted?

The Microban technology utilised in KalingaStone products is notified with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in Europe and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US. It is also approved for use in food-contact applications. Microban technology is used and trusted by renowned brands, manufacturers, and product innovators in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Q3. Is Microban technology safe?

Microban technology has been used safely for many years and continues to provide the benefits of material protection from spoilage, malodor, and premature degradation for thousands of products worldwide. Risk assessments by independent scientists, scientific bodies, and governmental agencies (including EPA, FDA, and regulatory authorities in Europe and Canada) have consistently reconfirmed the safety of Microban additives at the levels approved for use in consumer, commercial, and healthcare products. The Microban technology utilized in KalingaStone products is engineered directly into the material, meaning it will not leach out of the surface.

Q4. Does Microban technology work on wet and moist surfaces?

Yes, Microban technology works on surfaces exposed to moisture and humidity. In fact, moisture and humidity often provide the perfect environment for microbes to thrive, meaning built-in Microban protection becomes an important feature for surfaces exposed to such conditions.

Q5. How do you know Microban technology is working in KalingaStone products?

SO 22196 laboratory testing has shown that Microban technology actively reduces bacterial growth on KalingaStone products by up to 99.99%.