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Quartz is a better countertop material when compared to natural stones like marble or granite. This post will tell you why. It will also state how you can take care of a quartz countertop using simple steps.

Over the years, quartz manufacturers in India have witnessed a steady increase in the overall popularity of quartz as the preferred surfacing material for Indian homes and commercial kitchens but why?

Well, it is due to the following reasons –

It is durable
Quartz is an engineered stone which means its molecules have very little space in between them. Due to the closely packed arrangement of quartz molecules, quartz countertops can remain operational for a long time especially when compared to natural stone surfacing materials like marble or granite.

It is heat resistant
When you choose quartz stone for kitchen countertops in your home or restaurant, you will be benefitting from its ability to withstand high temperatures. This means that using quartz as the countertop material over and around commercial ovens is a good idea as it will not crack even when it is being heated up from a commercial oven for several hours on end.

It is scratch and stain resistant
This is a great USP that you should consider when you are looking for a surfacing material that is scratch and stain resistant – don’t you agree!?

How to take care of quartz countertops?
Well, you can take care of quartz countertops by following the simple steps below

  • Use a chopping board: Although quartz is scratch resistant it doesn’t mean that it can sustain abuse from a knife when you use the same to cut veggies. Always use a chopping board as it is the only way to ensure that the surface of the countertop is free from microscopic scratches which can act as grime/stain collectors over time.

  • Use PH neutral cleaner : Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning products or abrasives such as baking powder to clean the quartz countertop. Use a pH Neutral Cleaner to clean the counter along with a sponge.

  • Never scrape dried gunk off of your quartz countertop: Never leave spilled sauce, gravy, or related food particles for extended periods on your quartz countertop. Make sure you wipe the countertop clean and never scrape the dried food residue. Instead, just clean with a mild sponge and a neutral ph cleaner.


Unlike natural stone surfacing materials like granite, quartz is relatively affordable but at the same time offers a plethora of benefits like the ones mentioned above. In this context, to ensure that the quartz countertops in your home or commercial kitchen remain good as new, be sure to follow the quartz countertop cleaning tips mentioned above with due diligence.