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Engineered quartz is one of the best-selling surfacing materials both in India and abroad. People often choose engineered quartz over granite and marble as the surfacing material for their homes and commercial properties alike.
But why?
Well, countless reasons made engineered quartz the best-selling surfacing material these days.

Some of the most compelling ones are mentioned in the sections below –

Quartz surfaces, which are mostly countertops, are more of a functional choice for homeowners and business owners alike over traditional surfacing materials like granite or marble. For starters, it is known for its versatility and ability to look good in any setting. It can also be easily modified to form countertops with design elements and layouts that complement designs as well as layouts of homes, both traditional and contemporary. The KalingaStone engineered quartz slabs are inspired from natural marble/ granite and as such combine benefits of technology while retaining the aesthetics and glamour of natural marble/granite. It blends the aesthetic beauty of marble with low maintenance.

Quartz, unlike natural surfacing materials like granite or marble, KalingaStone engineered quartz has better compressive strength. What is the benefit of this? Well, unlike marble or granite, quartz surfaces do not get easily stained nor do they become the breeding ground for microscopic life such as fungi or bacteria. Thus, if you are looking for a hygienic surfacing material for your home or place of business then get in touch with any of the leading quartz stone manufacturers in India today. The quartz is a food-safe material and is certified by NSF standards of safety.

Compared to marble and granite, engineered quartz can last much longer as it can sustain its structural integrity even when subjected to heat damage and accidental impacts.

As engineered quartz is made using artificial processes, you can get your hands on a lot of patterns and colours of quartz.

Unlike marble or granite, you would not need to spend a lot of time and money on taking care of quartz countertops as they can be cleaned easily by using a simple solution of mild cleanser and lukewarm water.

The most important aspect that makes quartz the best surfacing material is its low price. In this context, in case you want more details regarding the quartz kitchen countertops price in India, feel free to get in touch with a leading quartz stone manufacturing company or dealer in your vicinity today!

How quartz is made?

Quartz is a natural product that is found as a mineral in the earth.
To make engineered quartz, the extracted quartz mineral is crushed and combined with polyester resins and pigments. The latter is used to give the resulting quartz slab its colour. After this, all air is removed from the still malleable quartz slab followed by the addition of sealants and heat to make it impermeable, strong and durable.


Quartz is a revolutionary surfacing material that has more pros than cons which is why homeowners and business owners prefer using quartz in their properties. For more details, feel free to get in touch with a quartz countertop supplier in your vicinity today.


Engineered quartz is one of the best-selling surfacing materials both in India and abroad.