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Quartz is a marvelous surfacing material that is often touted as engineered stone and for good reason.

There are plenty of reasons why quartz is preferred as a surfacing material for countertops over marble and granite. Some of those reasons are as follows –

  • Easy to Maintain – The quartz counters are easy to clean and maintain with a neutral pH cleaner.

  • Over 70 colours and designs to choose from, quartz countertops are an ideal product to choose each style.

  • Quartz is the hardest material after diamond and is more durable, scratch-resistant, and heat resistant.

In this context, if you have finally decided to use quartz countertops in your home then read the following sections where a few different (and stylish) quartz countertops ideas for a new home are shared –

Pure white quartz countertops are timeless

Pure white quartz for kitchen countertops? Is that a good idea!?
Oh yes! It is!
Pure white quartz countertops are one of the easiest ways to make the overall look and feel of your home’s kitchen feel minimalistic, classy, clean, and savvy!
Installing white quartz is also one of the easiest ways to make sure the kitchen of your new home appears roomy, lit up, and airy. White quartz is capable of reflecting more than 80 percent of the light that falls on it hence, in case your new home has a kitchen that has large windows or even a skylight, install a white kitchen quartz countertop to make sure that you would not need to turn on electrical lights during the day hours ever again!

Black countertops can up the ante!

Homeowners these days are trying all they can to catch up on the home décor trends that pop up in their social media accounts. You can always choose black quartz kitchen countertops to up the ante. Black kitchen quartz countertops procured from revered quartz slab suppliers in India come with a rich (and dark) hue that is perfect for new home kitchens that demands a dramatic yet contemporary look.

Beige is an acquired taste

Although beige quartz countertops are considered an acquired taste by many, there are still a lot of homeowners out there who consider beige as an earthy hue that pairs seamlessly with the overall décor of a home and its furnishings.
The best part about beige quartz countertops is that it seems to be the perfect choice for kitchens that flaunt wooden cabinets and related fittings.
Add ceramic kitchenware in cabinets with glass panels and strategically place a few indoor plants in your kitchen and you will be looking at a kitchen with a décor that reminds you of the great outdoors every time you step in!

Grey Countertops

Grey may be an unexpected choice for kitchen counters but creates a dramatic and compelling look to the kitchens. You can add glass and seamless cabinets to enhance the aura of the kitchen and give it a fresh and new modern feel.


Irrespective of your preferences or the overall décor of your new home, there is a quartz countertop out there. The key is to get in touch with the right quartz slab
manufacturers in India and your requirements will be met in no time. Hence, do a bit of research about the quartz countertop suppliers in your vicinity, for the best results.


Quartz is a marvelous surfacing material that is often touted as engineered stone and for good reason.