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What Is Engineered Terrazzo ?

We present Terrazzo - a revolutionary product characterised by new-age design with an old-world charm that goes back 1500 years. It has carved a niche in the most renowned Italian structures. Today, Terrazzo stands as a symbol of everlasting beauty with the floor serving as a grand canvas waiting for its iconic designs to take shape.

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Explore the mosaic patterns that break away from the traditional monochromatic colours of black and white. Presenting Terrazzo Collection - Venetian, Palladiana, Elite, Roma, and Cafe. A spectrum of tastefully curated aesthetic patterns made to add a classic touch to new age homes

Tech Specifications :
  • Slab Size 304 x 125 cm
  • Glossiness Reflection > 75%
  • Water Absorption < 0.2%
  • collec_certi
    Terrazzo Cafe

    Roma & Cafe

    Terrazzo Palladiana


    Terrazzo Roma


    Terrazzo Venetian


    Elite Collection

    Anything but ordinary, our 'Elite' Collection is made for those with an exquisite taste. A classic mix of mosaic patterns to create divine designs. Give your living space an extraordinary touch with Elite.

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    Terrazzo Blackelixir
    Terrazzo Deluxe White
    Terrazzo Exotic Green
    Terrazzo Plaza Black
    Terrazzo Royal Black
    Terrazzo Superior Green
    Terrazzo Supreme Brown
    Terrazzo Vintage Spring

    Application Areas

    Surrender to the charm of our exquisite designs that make your interiors speak the language of grandeur.