What Is Pietra Dura ?

Pietra Dura is the art of carving the stone from a general point of view. Designed and mastered by the Florentines at the end of the 16th century, it consists of making decorative pieces by incrustations of stones on marble plates previously abraded. It is an age-old decorative form of art. The stonework assembled loosely is glued stone-by-stone to the substratum. Before this, it is sliced and cut in different shapes as per your desire. The intricate work is then assembled together so precisely that the contact between each section is invisible. Pietra Dura is an art technique of lapidary marquetry. The works in Pietra Dura often represent floral motifs, plants, or natural settings.

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Pietra Dura tabletop mosaic is inlaid with 12 different motifs, made using coloured marble and semi-precious stones. Available in differing hues, beige imparts subtle ambient moods. Paired with soft lightings, the classic duo work to create wondrous spaces that echo with sheer perfection. Suitable for residential as well as commercial applications, this masterpiece will make your interiors do all the talking