Quartz Work

The Tundra from the Fiorito collection. The subtle brown-beige slab dons a classic quartz design that has naturally patted, fuzzy patterns. Perfect for kitchen countertop applications, the Tundra is as tough a product as it is beautiful. This new offering from CMC is expected to give designers a new option to work with in their on-going residential projects.


An engineered material, Quartz slabs are extremely strong and hard, hygienic, non-porous, with consistent patterns. The material is stain-resistant, durable and do not easily scratch which means, the slabs need no special maintenance. Particularly in kitchens, Quartz slabs are an ideal choice since the stone does not corrode even after coming in direct contact with alkali or acids or any other regular kitchen spills. Quartz is an extremely tough stone designed to resist wear and tear while is also elegant keeping the kitchen décor in mind.

The products can be cut in desired shapes and sizes and is fully compatible with sink and hob fittings. A magnificent blend of décor and utility, the product range from the Fiorito Collection makes for impeccable kitchen applications for modern kitchens.

Company: Classic Marble Company
Brand: KalingaStone quartz
Product: Tundra – Fiorito collection
Specs: 315 X 145 cm / 325 X 165 cm / 330 x 200 cm
Thickness: 20mm